Hole By Hole

Stonehenge Golf Club was founded in 2004. Our links-style course was architecturally designed with bentgrass tees, greens, and fairways giving golfers the ultimate playing experience. Stonehenge is considered by many to be one of the premier nine hole courses in Ontario, offering some of the most distinctive hole layouts to challenge your game.

9 Hole Overview


Hole #1 – The Giant

Par 5, 573 Yards

The first and longest hole of the course. This 573 yard, par 5 dog leg left requires three solid golf shots for the average player to reach the green in regulation. The out-of-bounds forest along the right side of the hole and the kentucky bluegrass and tall fescue knolls along left enclose this hole’s large fairway. Approach shots are guarded by the green’s slightly elevated false front collar and medium sized bunker.


Hole #2 – “Tent Top”

Par 4, 452 Yards

The fairway of this 452 yard, par 4 is protected by a large waste bunker that runs along the right side of this wide bent grass fairway.  Placed amongst the left sides Kentucky bluegrass knolls, a strategically placed fairway bunker also comes into play.  This elevated green site features a false front and left side, while the right green-side is outfitted with two large bunkers.


Hole #3 – Parking Lot

Par 3, 235 Yards

The first and longest par 3 on the golf course. This holes tee complex offers a variation of uphill tee shots over a man-made holding pond. Measuring 156 yards from the forward tee and 235 yards from the elevated “parking lot” tee. This hole houses the biggest green site on the golf course, and depending on pin location can add 15 yards to the scorecard.


Hole #4 – “Dump Truck”

Par 4, 421 Yards

The tee shot onto this holes large and wide fairway is risk & reward for all playing abilities. A waste bunker and dense forest play along the right and left sides of this fairway, as it narrows to a false-fronted green. This approach shot is thought by many to be the hardest on the golf course. Shots directed at the right side of the green stand the best chance to make birdie.


Hole #5 – “Left Alone”

Par 3, 156 Yards

This 156 yard, par 3 is the shortest hole on the golf course but is said by many to be the signature hole at Stonehenge.  Surrounded by deciduous trees, this hole’s tee shot does not leave much room for error.  The elevated green is the smallest on the golf course and if that wasn’t challenging enough it is protected by a pot bunker, and naturalized pond and marsh land.


Hole #6 – “Big Larry”

Par 4, 448 Yards

This long dog-leg left features 3 fairway bunkers along the right and a small hidden waste bunker on the left side of its 3 tiered, downhill fairway.   A false front collar and three surrounding pot bunkers make this holes approach shot both scenic and intimidating.


Hole #7 – Lo-Five

Par 5/4, 496 Yards

A long tee shot, over a large waste bunker, is required to reach this holes rolling bentgrass fairway.  Naturalized fescue knolls surround a two tiered green that is framed by an aged cedar tree backdrop.  A false front collar, and a bunker on either side of this green, make laying up in windy conditions a viable option.


Hole #8 – Forced Carry

Par 3, 190 Yards

The slightly elevated tee overlooks a waste bunker and a green-side bunker that spans across the front of this par threes narrow green.  With trees on the left and out-of-bounds on the right, club selection is key to have chance at birdie.


Hole #9 – Splitting Defense

Par 4, 417 Yards

This par 4’s elevated tee shot overlooks a bluegrass meadow that is framed by deciduous and evergreen trees. A 200 yard uphill fairway leads to an elevated green that is guarded by a false-front collar and two deep-face pot bunkers.  A ridge subtly runs through this green that makes for fast downhill putts.